No more Leakage with Laurier Night Safe


Period... that is every month dilemma right? I am one of the people who struggle it every month. I could say it bother me most of the time even day and night. So, I will reach for a wider and larger type of pads to ease my problem. Introducing Laurier Night Safe sanitary pads that will gives you confident & comfortable throughout the day and night. With Laurier Night Safe new innovative surface, will help to give you the freedom to be more active and worry free about what happen back there. Nah-ah! Especially for a person who tidur ganas I need more protection in order and to guarantee no leakage happen when I am sleeping.

Watched the video? I can relate to that. Especially when I am in a hurry, suddenly I leave a "world map" on my bed. -_-' . Another situation is when I am out, my pads are full house. I walk like a baby wearing diapers. Or I could say duck butt. haha. With Laurier Night Safe, it will provide me with a wider and more protection throughout the day and night.

Why Laurier Night Safe will keep me protected from those bad days I would not want to imagine. The new improved Laurier Night Safe will keep you dry with its innovative Quick Dry Mesh Surface and Quick Lock System to lock your period with 2x faster absorption within the center part of the pad that helps to reduce stuffy and uncomfortable feeling to keep you 5x drier. Also, the back part of Laurier Night Safe pad, it is designed with a Wide Hip Guard and Triple Back Guard to prevent back leakage. Besides that, this pad is also easy to wash.

You can purchase Laurier Night Safe Wing at any hypermarket, supermarket, pharmacies and outlets nationwide. Laurier Night Safe is available in: 30cm (8 pads) RM 4.60 / 30cm (16 pads) RM 8.00 / 35cm (6 pads) RM 4.60 / 35cm (12 pads) RM 8.00 and twin pack: 30cm (16 pads)     RM 14.30, 35cm (12 pads) RM 14.30. All of the prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

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Raya is coming right? How about a new brooch? Not any brooch but an exclusive & Limited edition Laurier brooch  with every twin pack purchase of the Laurier Nightsafe Wing. Other than that with each purchase you are on your way to a chance to win a KAO Hamper pack! 75 winners in total! Woohoo!

How to enter?
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1. Buy the Laurier Nightsafe Wing Twin Pack
2. Like Kaolaurier FB Page

3. Say something about it like "Rasa selamat, Rasa dilindungi dengan Laurier Nightsafe"
Hashtag #Lauriersparkles@GiantLNSW

|| PHASE 2  ||
Check out below poster to find out the location where you can win instant prizes!
- More info check out below poster -

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  1. nice post and beautiful pictures Sab :) mine is going up next week hahaha

  2. sab!! peghh dah lama x jenguk2 blog sab... dah lain blog sab igtkan salah masuk blog tadi.... somehow background u remind me of buku matematik hehehe

    1. hehe thanks nadhira! aah, baru jugak tukar layout ni. tu la. sab oun xtau kenapa buku matematik jadi inspirasi. haha