Paula Choice Skincare Review

Herro everyone! I have another video this week. Wee! It is about a skincare set that I tried for the past week. If you follow me in my Instagram you must have seen a sneak peek on this. My skin problem are just like biscuits. Sekejap ada sekejap tak ada. So its a privilege for me to try different skincare to test pout on how it can hep heal my skin. It is the Paula Choice Skincare, a very well known skincare in the US now you can get it in Malaysia bought to you especially from Facial Room Malaysia. Watch my video below and see my before & after picture!

Facial Room Malaysia is a beauty center located at Taman Danau Desa not only offer you with these awesome skincare products but also provide all sorts of skincare treatments for your beauty need. Facial, Waxing and many more! Below are the skincare that they suggest me to use for my skin type.
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Of course, in every of my skincare routine, a cleanser is a must. This cleanser helps to gently wash away all the dirt on your face and also some light makeup. The texture looks like a lotion and foams up after a few massage on my face. The cleanser helps to restore my skin moisture during cleansing. I don't experience any tightness or dryness after using this. I love the bottle took! Looks so sleek. This cleanser is best used for people who has a slight oily skin, combination skin and dry skin. This cleanser are also 100% fragrance and colorant free. There is no overpowering scent from this cleanser.

A very unique products! Feels like an oil but settle in like a soft velvet on my skin. This Resist Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Serum has a special formula that helps to utilizes a proprietary blend that helps to stabilize retinol (one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients to help re-texturize skin), provides antioxidants and repair your skin. It claims to reduce and fade red marks from past breakouts and I got to agree on that. I can't really tell until I compare my before & after picture. You can see it in the video above. Basically this serum/treatment helps to improve the appearance or pretty much early stages of aging in result your skin will look younger and healthier.

Of course. A sun protection product. It is compulsory! This Hydralight Shine Free Mineral Complex with SPF 30 is perfect for Oily and combination skin because it does not feels greasy and it absorb in to a semi matte finish. No white cast effect and very light weight. It is a mineral based sun protection that also can be use around my eye areas. Oh also, if you have rosacea, this is the perfect sun protection cream for you!

It is categorize as an exfoliate. In usage wise, it is like a toner. Because most exfoliate products are rough on the skin. This is in a liquid form. It is gentle to use daily. But toner usually just help to prepare your skin. This Resist Daily Pore Refining Treatment with 2% BHS at the same time helps to refine pores. A s you wipe on to your face, it is going to removes old cells on the skin's surface and inside your pores. This exfoliant, I use it during night time. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and relaxed. As I am reaching the middle of 20s, I do have breakout problems but at the same time I do wanna take care of the aging part of my skin. This does have all the benefits for both of my problems as its also stimulates collagen on to my skin
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This giveaway ends in 1 week (11:59pm 4 July 2015)
Open to everyone who lives in Malaysia
I will contact the winners directly through email

Comment down below with your details :
Name :
Email Address :
Answer this : What is your skin type and let me know how you usually take care of your skin.

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I hope you find this post helpful and enjoy it! Now you can get your Paula Choice Skincare in Malaysia! Don't forget to check them out as below! See you in my next post!

More info :
13 00 01 Arcadia Tower, Danau Impian Condo
(Ground Floor Next To Mini Market)
Taman Danau Desa
☏ (+)6012 363 2702
☏ (+)6016 272 7702 
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  1. Hi Sabrina,

    Thank you very much for this review. I have been looking for Paula's Choice products in Malaysia for ages. So glad that they can be purchased from Facial Room Malaysia. Will definitely purchase the Daily Pore-Refining Treatment BHA after reading your review. Heard that it's very good for blackheads problem too!

    I have a combo skin (with hormonal acne) and here is my daily skincare routine;


    1) Cleanser
    2) Toner
    3) Serum
    4) Moisturiser with sunscreen


    1) Makeup remover
    2) Cleansing milk
    3) Cleanser
    4) Exfoliant (AHA)
    5) Targeted treatment (eg: acne spot treatment when needed)
    6) Anti-ageing serum
    * weekly facial mask after cleansing

    Hope to be the lucky winner :) Salam Ramadhan

    Name: Azy Ameri

  2. wow, it really works on diminishing the scars! your skin tone looks brighter too ^_^

  3. BAGUSS :D teruskan share entry yg baik :)

  4. Hi! Thanks for this opportunity and the great info on your blog ☺️
    Name: Aznah Moen
    I have combination oily and dry skin. I'm 37, mother of 4. Many years ago I had terrible acne breakouts. I always bothered it, which made it worse, and today I carry the scarring. I still have break outs following my monthly cycle, but there's never a time I have total clear skin.
    I take vitamins and cleanse and moisterize with VCO. I scrub with the traditional Bunga Tanjung. When it gets real bad I dab on some Oxy. I'm in need of a new regime but Im afraid to try new things, for fear of new or worse outbreaks because of my skins sensitivity.
    Thanks again and take care ��

  5. Name : Anis Farhana Aliman
    Email Address :
    Answer this : Hi Sab! I have dry skin. My go to skincare routine involves of diligent moisturizing and once in a while scrubbing.

  6. The BHA Pore Refining Treatment sound perfect. I am definitely going to try this one. Exfoliating often feels like it´s too rough for my skin.

  7. Hai, my name is Syarifah Inani Najwa , My email address is ( skin type is normal to dry skin .Proper cleansing to remove dirt, makeup and pollution should be the core of every skin care routine. During i wears makeup mostly yes imporant part is must take off my makeup using makeup remove . I will not go to bed with face full off makeup :) . After that , wash my face using cleanser that i being using for 3 years . The next step is must using freshnen/ toner with cotton pad , for deep clean & lastly must moisturize my face. Yes i do using scurb buts twice a week . I wash my face twice daily, usually in the morning and then again before going to bed at night. For 3 years using the same brand, i like to change my skin care product. Hope i can win it , :)

  8. Name :Seri Mersing
    Email Address :

    My skin type is combination as other asian girls have. I usually wash my face with warm water (to start with) and end it with warm water again. **psst : warm water help your oily skin become smoother. On weekend, I usually scrub my face with coffee scrub to remove the dead-skin on my face.

  9. Name: Nor Adawiah Bt Badrul Hisham

    Answer:I used to have normal skin type during my teenage years, but as I reach my mid-20s, I started to have combination skin. It's probably due to stress and hectic student's life. I loveee taking care of my skin, from head to toe! The skincare face routine that I usually do are wash my face with cleanser, put toner onto my face and put eye gel for my eyes area as I have problem with my dark circles. Next, serum is a must for my face to reduce the acne scars and lastly, I'll be putting on my face cream (it also comes with spf and it also acts as a night cream).

    For my body skincare, after I've taken my bath, I'll be putting on body oil on both my hands, arms and legs. And then, body lotion will be applied to my hands and arms only. I don't know, I just feel that those areas need double moisturising :)

  10. Name : Izyan Alia

    Email Address : (why sg it's along story ^^)

    Answer this :
    My skin type is normal and of course an oily T zone. For my morning routine I would use my Cetaphil cleanser and would literally cleanse them for at least 3 mins just to remove the dirt. If I have time i would scrub my face but that my weekend pamper, if it's daily then I would use my toner with a cotton pad just to clean the excess from the cleanser. After that if I have time I would apply my mask but usually I would just skip this part. Lazy Bum. Then I would use my Lovera moisturiser/gel and finally my cetaphil moisturiser.

  11. Hi Sabrina!

    Name: Azimah Mohd Hamdan

    My skin type is combination oily.
    How I take good care of my skin?

    1. Cleanse (Syma)
    2. Toner (Hada Labo)
    3. Serum (Syma)
    4. Sunblock/beauty cream (Syma)

    When I go for solat or the end of the day:
    1. Makeup Remover (Pixy + Nivea Cleansing Lotion)
    2. Cleanse (Syma)
    3. Serum (Syma)
    3. Night cream (Syma)

    Twice a week, I'll scrub using St Ives apricot scrub.

    Hope I can win!

  12. Name :Noor Suhaila binti Hat
    Email Address :
    My Skin Type: Combination Skin( Oily + Dry) I used to have terrible acne breakouts but now I have them once a while, depending on the skin's mood-i
    oh! I noticed that below's routine does help my skin to be better!^^

    My Skincare Routine:

    1) Cleanser ( The Saem's Harakeke)
    2) Toner ( Hada Labo's Whitening Lotion Rich-Blue bottle)
    3) Serum (Mizon's Snail Repairing Gel)
    3) Nature Republic's Aloe Vera
    4) Sunblock (Biore's- dont remember the exact name)
    1) Cleanser (The Saem's Harakeke)
    2) First Essence Treatment (Missha's First Essence Treatment (newly added))
    3) Toner ( Hada Labo's Whitening Lotion Rich-Blue bottle)
    4) Serum (OST C20 (newly added))
    5) Emulsion ( Hada Labo's-same range as the above's)

    1) Himalaya's Clay Mask
    2) Bio Essence's Exfoliating Gel
    I hope I can win this!^^ btw, what are the criteria you are looking for? Thanks!^^

  13. Hi Sabrina,

    Name : Maria
    Email Address :
    Answer this : Skin type normal, for daily it is 'wajib' routine to cleanse my face in the morning, put some moisturizer and sunscreen, while in the night I just cleanse my face. If during the day I was exposed to too much sun, I will put night cream before sleep. That's all for my simple routine.

  14. Hi Sabrina!

    My name is Syakira and my email is I usually cleanse my face using the nuteen facial cleanser every morning and night. It helps remove dirt and oil because I have an extreme oily skin. Then, I put a cream after I wash my face. Thats all and thank you :)

  15. Hai sabrina :)

    Name : Adawiyah

    I have combination skin type.
    Everyday ;
    day time:
    Cleanser ; garnier whitening
    Toner ; safi balqis
    Cream ; aqua cream
    Sunblock ; etude house

    Night time:
    Cleanser ; garnier whitening
    Cream ; aqua cream

    In a week, about 3 times per week I will scrub my skin with skinfood black sugar. and wearing mask---err very rare.
    currently I'm having pimples at my jaw area and its really frustrating. and the scars seems does not fades very easily. I use hiruscar to treat it, but seems like not really improve :(

  16. Hi Sabrina! Thanks for the information :) Am always look for a good products to improve my skin condition.

    Name : Choi Sine
    Email :

    My skin type is combination skin type, with large pores, acne scar and occasionally breakouts. I'll start my day with
    >cleansing (Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel)
    >toner (Avène Cleanance Toner)
    >moisturizer (unknown brand from doctor)
    >sunblock (Biore)

    During night time, i'll start with
    >make-up remover (Bifesta) to remove dirts
    >cleansing (Avène Cleanance Cleansing Gel)
    >occasionally wash-off mask (Skin Food Rice Mask)
    >moisture & soothing (Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel)

  17. Hi Sabrina!! I've been following your blog for a while and God knows how excited I am when you with Paula's Choice products!!! I've been eyeing them for a while but couldn't find it anywhere in Malaysia:(

    Anyhoo, here are the details:
    Name : Razni Aisyah
    Email :
    Skin type : Combination (oily t-zone, normal on the cheeks, blemish-prone, large pores, acne scars etc)

    Recently, I start my day with mild cleanser, toner and moisturizer, all from Sebamed Face Care line. Then I use Biore's spf 30+ sunscreen. At night, I just changed my cleanser to Hadalabo AHA+BHA Face Wash since I feel like Sebamed's is too mild to clean a days worth of dirt and grime :D It worked for a while, HOWEVER, I have a sensitive skin. I've been using lots of products that either doesn't work or cause breakouts/irritation and my recent regimen seems to start causing breakouts on me :-( I hope Paula's Choice work for me :)

  18. You look gorgeous with the products Sabrina! I wish I have your wonderful skin.

    Name : Lai KC
    Email Address:

    I have replied once but didn't see my comment :(

    I have combination to dry skin. My skincare routine is pretty simple with
    Day - Hada Labo cleanser, Derma E toner, Physiogel lotion moisturizer, Aubrey Organics sunscreen with SPF 30
    Night - the same routine, except the sunscreen.

    I hope to try their well known exfoliant. Please Sabrina!

    1. Hi KC, do you mind to share where you purchase Derma E products in Malaysia? Thanks!

  19. Hai Sabrina!

    My name is Aminah Kamil. Email:

    I would say my skin type is normal to oily skin. My t-zone gets very oily and I have large pores. But normal on cheek and forehead. I would have hormonal breakouts once in a while but who doesnt hihi.

    In the morning I would usually rinse my face with just water and then apply toner. Then I would apply Nivea Invigorating Day Cream as moisturiser. I didnt apply sunblock because I havent found any that didnt feel sticky or greasy as I have oily skin so it's uncomfortable to wear product that feels greasy on your skin. I only wash my face with cleanser in the afternoon after my class ended.

    During the night, I would wash my face with cleanser. Then I apply bliv Off with Those Heads on my t-zone because blackheads �� Then for the rest of my face, I only apply my bedak sejuk. Since I use bedak sejuk, breakouts doesnt last longer than 3 days on my face.

    Hope to be the lucky winner so I get to try their Hydralight Shine Free cream.

    Thank you and ramadhan kareem :)

  20. Aaaaaah soo happy to know that Paula's Choice is available in Malaysiaa now. Yeay!!

    Would love to win this giveaway, god willing :)

    I'm not as rajin as most people when it comes to skincare but taking baby steps for sure these days. Going into my mid 20s means I need to prioritize my skin! My daily routine is really just cleanse tone and moisturize. Ive been using the clean & clear essential line but looking for a cruelty free alternative these days! (So hard to find a budget friendly one for a student!) My skin gets dry at certain places but is mostly oily at my cheeks. My pimples come and go but the scarss stay forever hahaha. Lately I have noticed that I have enlarged pores so I'm looking for a product to minimize them. I use clay mask once a week to tighten my pores up, but need a daily pore tightener haha. Oh and I ocassionally use the body shop nutriganics eye cream at night, because the eyes usually gets abandoned but it needs some tlc too! Fingers crossed I win the giveaway but even if I dont, thank you for the opportunity. I loooove your photos by the way.

    And my name is Nurul Atiqah, and can be contacted via

  21. Assalamualaikum Sabrina!
    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials! Keep calm and carry on being just you for you big day okay? ;) I have always admired your writing style, pictures and designing skills as seen throughout your blog and IG, but am too shy to expose my "stalking" hehe *blushing* Thank you so much for this review on Paula's Choice skincare range (which i have been eyeing on since forever being a skincare enthusiast *can i even use this term? silly me haha* after reading rave reviews from international bloggers) and with your giveaway, I think it's time for me to try my luck here, so, here it goes! :D

    Name : Mazlina Nina Binti Masngut
    Email Address :

    What is your skin type and let me know how you usually take care of your skin.
    I would say, discovering that fact that one's skin type could change over time due to a lot of factors, for example: weather, hormones, etc made me more aware that I need to be cautious with my skincare regime and products that I used to help tackle the problems that my skin faces during that particular time. For now, I have a rather dehydrated skin which causes the presence of acne, occasionally, with huge pores and acne scars. I learnt that it is important to follow the basic 3-steps skin regime: cleansing, toning and moisturising. Also, due to my sensitive skin due to psoriasis, I am also using skincare products without fragrance/ perfume. Honestly, having crystal clear skin have always been something I wanted oh-so-dear and it is not an easy battle, I have tried everything from over-the-counter products to seeing dermatologists and now, I could say, my skin is improving, Alhamdulillah. Without further babbling on my skincare journey and stuff, here is my how-to steps to the pursuit of flawless, crystal clear skin as squeaky clean as the marble floor! *hehe just kidding* XDD

    1) Cleansing: Watson's Skin Advanced Platinum Soothing & Hydrating Cleansing Milk
    2) Toning: Watson's Skin Advanced Platinum Soothing & Hydrating Jelly Toner
    3) Moisturising: Papulex Oil-Free Cream
    4) Treating acne spots: Papulex Gel and Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch
    5) Treating facial psoriasis: Beprosalic ointment

    Once/twice on a weekly basis
    1) Facial scrub: Claire Organics Anti-Acne Facial Scrub with Organic Pumpkin Seeds
    2) Masks: Sheet masks from Annie's Way and Naruko

    Two to three weeks/Monthly basis
    1) Facials: UT Labs Hydrating/ Herbal Infusion Facial
    2) Vitamin C injections: Dr. Nano

    Besides skincare products, I also put importance in having a balanced diet where I would always try to eat as many veggies as I can especially the green ones everyday. I personally super love mustard flower, spinach, broccoli and the list continues. Drinking lots of plain water, yes, I try to commit to that too though I admit it is kinda hard when you're staying at home at the moment most of the time :'D Besides that, I am also taking Megalive's Uniq-C supplement for my skin and overall health after taking Vitahealth's Cleansa Plus before this to detox my body, which honestly helps a lot in reducing my acne.

    After this long 'love' letter, I would say I am more of a skincare lover than makeup and therefore, I really, really, really, like really would love to be among the lucky winners of your Paula's Choice skincare products giveway hehe. Pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pick me, will you, Sabrina? *monkey's eyes instead of puppy eyes because I love cute monkeys*

    With love,
    Nina ;)