Cathy Doll Sexy Curl Mascara Review


Mascara Mascara. I can never go out with one. I love rocking out my lashes and I think it does make a big difference in my makeup look. I have a medium to long lashes that usually curls down. Poo hoo. So a little bit of curling and mascara application will do the trick. This would be my first ever Cathy Doll product review and there will be more to come. Cathy Doll is a Thailand based brand that carries products from Makeup to Body Card. It is one of a popular brand in Malaysia might because how cute their packaging it. I love it too and been wanting to try it for so long but could not get around with it. So for today review would be their cute mascara right here. Comes in 3 different styles and I choose Sexy Curl.

What I like about it. Packaging? Lol. How can I resist that. Ok let's get real. I love how this mascara gives nice separation, curl effect and helps to make my lashes more longer. I do find that this is just like most Korean mascara. I think this one contains that "fiber" type of ingredient that helps to lengthen.  Easy to apply and the wand helps bottom lash application easy. There is no weird mascara scent and does not cause irritation to my eyes. Easy to remove with a proper makeup remover.

What I don't like about it. It dries a bit slow. I am a person who curls before and after using mascara. So I need to wait for a few second after apply this or else it will be too wet to curl again. I think the problem is me, I am so impatient. haha.

Overall & Thoughts. If you want a mascara that gives a little lengthening, separation and curl. This might be for you! This does not gives volume. This mascara also hardly clumps and the curve on the wand might be a great wand for any beginners who are trying out mascara. Overall I pretty in love with this mascara. It looks cute too! Look at the packaging! Ugh! Cute! Grr! Check out Kak Aemy CathyDoll instashop below! You can also check out any Cathy doll products and ask her about it. She carries basically a lot of Cathy Doll product and also some other brand such as Missha, Scandal, Yadah and many more.

Name : Cathy Doll Sexy Curl Mascara
Price : RM20.00
Net Weight : 10g
Where To Buy :
Contact : Aemy +6012 9231982

Which Cathy Doll products you tried?
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  1. The packaging remind me to Dolly Wink mascara especially the cap!! haha

  2. Replies
    1. hehe kan kan! dotted pattern pulak tu.. ish! comel!

  3. Im using Cathy Doll Mascara too! But the one in mint green which I forgot its function. Hihih.
    Since I was introduced to this brand, seriously rasa "phewww! finally ada cheap mascara yang work damn well". Hehe. What I love bout this mascara is senang nak cuci. Sometimes I tak guna any remover. Just cuci dengan air je.

    1. kan.. dengan warm water. and x leave any smudges kat bawah mata