Kufi Canvas decoration for this coming Raya


It's the first day of fasting in Ramadan! How does it going guys! I know you can do it. Hehe. Alright, That's mean Raya is coming of course. So what are your plan to pump up your inner interior design skills? What decorations are you planning to do around your house. Great news I have something that would make your space much more prettier. If you don't fancy gold frames kinda kufi art, try these modern kufi art that is printed on canvas from EzyPoster. They collaborate with a designer called Aimie Nordin . There are many design to choose from and I choose this one in No 33 (Zikir Monocolour). Some of the design are as below :

They were shipped using a very thick box. My canvas comes in perfect shape and no damage happened when i got it. The quality? Oh my good. I love it. The printing are just bright and perfect. Does not look tacky at all. I really love them! As you can see below, they also provide holes at the back of the canvas so you can hang them nicely and neatly. I really look forward for more prints from them. Planning to do one for my wedding picture in the future Tee hee! More info about this Kufi art go to : http://ezyposter.com/cat-islamic-art.cfm

Other than that you can also customize your own canvas with EzyPoster. Your wedding picture, or maybe some picture you taken and you wanted to frame it on a canvas. You can do it. At Ezy Poster you can basically just choose any design that are available, or create your own. Also you can start earning by share your own amazing images or art pieces with them and it will be feature at Ezy Poster gallery. You will start earning, once your image is sold as a canvas print. More info go here.

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  1. pandai sab pilih warna, nampak soft jer bila gantung di bilik.

  2. Asslm Sab, I'm Aimi Nordin, founder of IzsyPizsy. Thanks for choosing one of my Kufi Art designs. Your room already looks warm and cosy as it is, In shaa Allah by having this zikir up on your wall, you and your family will forever be in His blessings and may He answer your prayers especially in this holy month of Ramadhan. Would also like to wish you Selamat Berpuasa :) Keep sharing beautiful n informative posts, i'm loving your blogs

    web: www.izsypizsy.com
    fb: www.facebook.com/izsypizsy
    ig: www.instagram.com/izsypizsy

    1. Wasalam, in shaa Allah.. thank you for creating such beautiful art. <3