Toletta Luxury Paper Toilet Seat Covers Review


Have you ever wonder the situation and the condition of every public toilet you have been all your life? The seat that you have.. seated? Who was the last person when there? What did they actually do before you come in. Oh my. Have you been layering toilet papers around the bowl for minutes and its taking you forever. Aint got time for that. Guess what. We have a solution here. I represent to you.. TOLETTA! A luxury paper toilet seat covers that helps to keep you pretty cute butt protected and germs free. To my Muslim readers, you can also keep your wudu' safely. How awesome is that.

It comes in a travel friendly and compact case. Also comes in 2 options as you can see one is in Pink & one is in Blue. There is no different in terms of the product is just that the Pink helps support Breast Cancer Research and the Blue brand helps support Child Poverty Awareness. Where 10% of all total proceeds will be donated by Toletta Inc. to research and charity funds as above mention. Each pack contains 5 pcs of seat covers. They are 20% larger and 42% thicker than any conventional toilet seat cover you can ever find in the market.

Each seat covers are made out of 3 ply paper. They are thick and easy to open and place it on the toilet bowl. They are also safe to be flush as they are made from materials that is easy to recycled. As you can see above they have a wide and large surface and this helps to cover the whole bowl entirely safe for you to seat. This seat cover are also anti bacterial. Good aye! I find that this product is must have in your bag. Even of you rinse it off with water before seating there, well you got to remind yourself there are thousand of people using the public toilet. You cant ever imagine where they come from and how they clean up after them selves.

Also there is this fun read you might wanna check out - 8 Facts about public toilets (in Malaysia) and rethink back about having these essential. You never know what is following your "bottom". Bottom? Hahahahahha! They are now available to be purchase here in Malaysia through online. Check out below details for more info!

Name : Toletta Luxury Paper Toilet Seat Covers
Price : RM6.50 each
Where To Buy :

10% of all total proceeds will be donated by Toletta Inc. to research and charity funds.
Purchase of
-Blue Toletta : help support child poverty awareness
-Pink Toletta : help support breast cancer research
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  1. Finally~~~~ Something v.v.v.v.v useful when there are no squat toilets around! ;D I am among those who takes a lot of time -- layering toilet seats with tissue paper T_T Yes, it does takes time and I even got knocks on the door if I am too long in the cubicle. But then, it's not my fault lah T_T Hygiene is something we must seriously take care of. Macam mana kalau tiba-tiba dapat infection dekat area bawah tu kan? T_T

    Good product review, Sab dearest! :)

    1. kan! comes in a pack that is easy too bring too! from our mata kasar maybe tak nmpak but in reality oh my. how many germs has I sat down! Ugh! :(