AVON Simply Pretty | Party Princess Look

Get dolled up with AVON 5th collection which is the Party Princess Look. Get your song tuned up and let check out this last collection I am featuring now. In this collection as you can see, bright, funky and pretty much all party up kinda like packaging. Consist of 2 lip & eyeshadow palette, 3 metallic magic lipstick and a mascara. 

Of course the palette attract me most. Comes in a compact cardboard packaging with starts all over it. There are two shades/style for the palette. The first palette on the left has 2 bright lip stick shade and 3 eyeshadow brush. A pale pink, cobalt blue and cream champagne eyeshadow shade. The 2nd palette has a deeper red lip stick shade with a baby pink eyeshadow shade, pale blue and purple. Pretty bright colors that I don;t normally use on an everyday basis. Haha! But perfect for some party events perhaps? The mascara is called the AVON Simply Pretty Full Lash Mascara. A lengthening kind of mascara, does not hold up curls that good. Perfect for short lashes person.

The last product is a very unique product. Looks metallic but turns into a nice lip shade when contacted to your natural skin warmth. From left to right are gold (turns to a peach shade), copper (turns into an orange shade) and lastly silver (turns into a pink shade).

You can purchase all AVON products through Avon Representatives or our Avon Beauty Boutique around your area. More info go to their offical page
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  1. Is the mascara a dry kind of formula or a wet one???
    The Simply Pretty line is really pretty huh....

    1. its a wet formula, pretty slow in terms of setting in or dry :)

  2. Cantik2 la avon punya packaging nowadays :)