SK-II Stempower Eye Cream Review

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The search for an eye cream will always be my main mission. I know it is super hard to find that perfect eye cream that really works. I admit that most good eye cream are very expensive. Talk about that small bottle it always comes with with a big figure on the price tag. Oh well. For the glory of that eye bags and dark circles. We just need them! Last previous month, I got to try this eye cream, and it is the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream. I have major eye bag problem. I tell you, MAJOR. I know that there is no eye cream that can help my eye bag disappear but I would be happy if it helps to reduce it a bit so I won't be answering the same question people ask, "Are you tired?", "Are you sick?" or "What happen to you?!". 

I have been using this eye cream for the past month and stopped using it last month because it about to run out and I can't finish it yet since I plan to blog about it. I have been delaying this review for quite sometimes because of my tight posting schedule. So glad I have the time now and I hope this would be a little guide for you of you are planning to splurge on this eye cream. Describe as - SK-II’s newest innovation in eye care from SK-II’s most awarded anti-aging technology, this soft, smooth cream helps give you bigger and younger looking eyes. It is formulated with a potent anti-ageing combination of Stem-Acanax Eye Complex and Pitera™, Stempower Eye Cream triggers a chain reaction from within, provides radical firmness on three crucial points around the eyes, helps strengthen the skin and enhances its natural ability to renew itself, reducing sagging of skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Most users agree that their eyes feel younger and brighter after just two weeks.

My thoughts & review. First of all I want to talk about the packaging. It comes in a box and the jar it self is a pretty heavy "glass" jar that definitely speaks about why is the price so high. It does looks luxurious. It comes with a small spatula that obviously I am not using due to my habit of using finger when applying skincare. When I open it, I can see a yellow creamy cream inside. The texture of this product is creamy but not thick. In terms of application, this does blends easily but I do feel a bit of a thickness when applying under my eye. No refreshing sensation or what so ever. It absorbs after a few seconds I pat it in. I could see a slight result within two weeks, my eye bag is still there but not that "too puffy" and I can say my eyes are more "awake" or fresh. It does help to moisturize my undereye super effectively. When applying concealer on top of it, my concealer does not crack or smudge.  I would say this is a great hydration try of eye cream. It does not help on my eye bag but it does help to reduce the tiredness of my eyes. The only down side would be the product it self in terms of how long can you use this. The product is pretty creamy,but I would need some amount to really covers the entire surface of my eye area. This jar probably  will last you about 1-2 months. A great eye cream for you to invest on if you willing to splurge and maintain it after you finish it.

This 15g eye cream retails for RM350+ and it is available at any SK-II counters near you. More info go to :
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1 comment