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Now let's talk about those nasty hair. I know there has been a campaign about its okay not too shave. Well that's not for me! For me, removing these hairs means you are clean and it also prevent your self from that nasty body odor. So there are alot of ways to remove those hair. Shaving, plucking and of course the most fear method of all time. Waxing. *extreme violin music plays* Haha. Okay, so I got the opportunity to try this home grown brand called Wax by Zeera. It's a homemade all natural waxing product that you can use at home. Means, you are doing the waxing your self. So let's get on to the review

This kit comes with a big ice cream stick for you to stir, some pieces of cloths and the product it self which are the wax. The wax looks like a very thick honey. There are two ways to 'activate" the wax. One is like above (boil method) and another one is putting it in the microwave. Frankly speaking, I have this fear towards microwave heating. I tried that method and just within 2 seconds I shit the microwave off because I heard a cracking sound. So at your own risk of melting the product using the microwave. So I went for the heating method like above picture shown. What you do is gently placing the jar in the heated and boiling water. Don't let it touch the surface. Then you stir the product until it becomes a honey like consistency.

I can't show you a in depth picture of my hair or skin, but a little warning, don't put the wax on the cloth, but put it on to your skin where areas you want to wax, then only out the cloths over. Wait for a few minutes and peel it off in a fast motion.

My thoughts. I have a very messy time using this product and I am still learning to use it properly. I don't think it work really well on my armpits, maybe because of the curve surface, but it works pretty well on my legs. It removes I would say 6-% off my hair legs. The pain is pretty bearable. The dry timing is pretty slow. I just find that the heating process is a bit difficult and the texture of this product is pretty sticky. I will try to learn more on how to really optimize this product. Maybe I am just not doing it right. If you love this kind of product, you can check it out all links below!

Name : Wax by Zera
Price : RM28.00
Net Weight : 400g
Where To Buy : Instagram : www.instagram.com/waxbyzeera
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Wax-by-Zeera
Contact : WhatsApp : +6 0179998262
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  1. i pun tak pandai2 wax.. da try macam2 still tak reti fr curvy areas..

    1. True, sebab skin part tu macam uneven. susah sikit kan

  2. teringin nak try..tp tak tertry2 lg