Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack Review

Clay mask and all sorts of slapping creamy type of mask on ma face, I'm in. I just love and I find it is a fun thing to do. Smearing all that mud looking products on my face, wait for it to dry and wash it of. That feeling is just me. Attracted by the packaging and how creamy this clay mask looks like. I'm sold. That gray looking mud just really attracts me. This is the Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack. This is one of the products in Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh series. They also have a cleanser, toner and a emulsion in this series. I have the toner and this mask. I had this for a long time and have tries it a few times back a few months ago. i bought this from Hermo Malaysia, this always sold out so if you get the chance to grab it, go grab it fast. They always restock it too, So don't worry.

This is a mask that helps pore-cleansing, tightens pores, and after using it your skin will feel fresh, soft, and smooth. This mask comes in a clear pvc box with some hawaiian vibe design on it. I love it. The jar it self is a double wall plastic jar with a silver look alike lid on it. As you open it, it is secure with another layer of cover on top to protect the mask inside. First impression, the refreshing scent it self. I don't know how to describe the scent but it smells really good. 

I apply this using my foundation brush. Applying this is like applying face paint on your face. Easy and does not mess up easily. I waited for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes my face feels a bit tight. I rinse it off with a room temperature water. My skin feels smooth, my pores feels but the only main thing I feel is that my skin feels a bit dry and tight. I have a combination skin, and I feel that this mask works best for people who have oily skin. It does helps to tighten pores, but if you have dry skin, make sure to apply a good hydration moisturizer or serum after wards.

This Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack in 95g jar retails for RM39.00 and you can purchase it at here - Hermo Malaysia.
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  1. Too bad this isn't for combination-dry skin!

    1. yep, not recommend to people who have that skin type as it is a bit drying