July 2015 Favorites

August is just around the corner and it is time for... my monthly favorites where I share my most reach products for the whole month of July 2015! My July has been busy as always, preparation for my wedding and stuff, fasting month and many more. But I do have some new favorites for this month and I would like to show you guys. So what are they?

1. MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette in Medium
I wanted to buy this for the longest time but I just don't have the budget to get it. After GST implement, the price of this palette increase rapidly. From what I remember this palette is RM138, and now it is retails for RM158. This palette are always out of stock s o that day when it was available I quickly grab it. A lot of my blogger friends has been loving this palette and I just could not hold my self to try it. My thoughts on it? Perfection. The best cream concealer palette I ever own. Its creamy, easy to blend, covers up effortlessly and finish into matte. The price maybe a bit high but thinking of 6 different shades you will get in this palette. A professional pay off product in one palette. I can see that I am using all of the colors without waiting it. The yellow for my under eys, the darker ones to contour my nose a, the brighter one to highlight and the other skin shades to conceal my face. Love this! Would do a full review in a single post next time in the near future okay! This palette retails for RM158 and you can purchase it at any participating MAC counters or through online here - MAC Cosmetics Malaysia Online Store.

2. NYX SMLC in London & Abu Dhabi
What I can say more after my previous NYX collection post I did last week. I just love this lip product so much! My previous favorite is in the shade Athens, and this is my new favorite. A brown nude shade perfect for my everyday wear. I have been wearing it almost everyday. 

3. Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Icy Mint
If you know me, I have an excess amount of Baby Lips lip balm in my collection. I know it is not necessary but I just love collecting it and it is my hobby. I find that during this month I have been using this specific lip balm from my Baby Lips Lip Balm collection. I find that this works well than the others. Simple and straight forward, moisturize and repair my lips effectively. I use this before applying my NYX SMLC and it makes my lips not drying at all. You can check out my previos review on this here.

4. Gula Co Pauda Mask in Mangosteen
A lot of pampering has been done this months since I have a big day coming up and I have been in love with this mask. It makes my skin so soft and hydrated. The herb-ly scent to it is so relaxing and calming. It helps to tighten my pores without leaving my skin dry. Love this! You can check my full review here.

5. Mon Cheri Moisturizer in Lily Collection
A full set review on this skincare line, you can check it out here. In this month I have been loving their moisturizer which is the MON CHÉRI Moisturiser. I have been suing this every morning before my makeup. I is a very light weight moisturizer that is easy to apply during my day. Very hydrating and leaves my skin soft. I love the "flower- herb" scent it has. 

I hope you enjoy my post today and find any new exciting product to try on. Phew. Just a few days left for my big day! I am pretty excited but at the same time super nervous! I am scheduling a few post for next week, because I know I might be busy and would not have time to blog. So enjoy my coming schedule post for the coming week and if you have questions and comments, I will get back to you as soon as I get back to my laptop. For this month my favorite song would be Reply from Zendaya!

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  1. shade nyx abu dhabi n london tu mcm best je.. nude color :D

  2. yup MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette in Medium mmg best tapi urban decay nya concealer pun not bad..

  3. Yg mana lg best? Mac or urban decay? Esp. for under eye circles. Any recommendations? :)

    1. for under eye sab recommend the urbn decay as it is more hydrating and liquid type. for mac more to cover up acne and spot sbb creamy texture :)