My Althea Korea Haul

Annyeonghaseyo! Oh yeah, its time for some haul. I know you love shopping so what else can I say. More awesome sites you can check out. Today haul is going to be something special because it is from the Oppa Oppa world of those flawless skin people, Korea! You won't be surprise by how we Malaysian really love Korean stuff. From food, to clothes trend, music and of curse my favorite is their beauty stuff. There are a lot of shops and brands from Korea that has been here in Malaysia. But one thing for sure,you may have guess, since it is an imported brand. It must be a bit expensive right? So how about beauty product that comes straight away from the place it self with awesome price offer? Well, read till the end and I bet you gonna love this site as much as I do.

Here it is. My pink parcel from Althea Korea! A new exciting webstore that is founded here in Malaysia but brings you all the joy and beauty products all the way from Korea. That means more reasonable price for you! And yes, don't keep asking me if they are original or not. They are authentic products. At first I was like.. realllaaayy? So I go check them out and. Wow. I could not believe my self with all the price displayed! So apa tunggu lagi, I open open tab on all the things I basically want. Haha, and made my choices. So here is what I picked. First of all, look at my box, packed so nicely, with pink tissue paper some more. Adoiii... Comel sangat!

The first product I picked are these cute cute cute lip stick from Innisfree. The rose gold and white case are just so cute and the color selection are just amazing. Another thing why did I picked these? They are only RM33! Most of the shops I saw sells these for RM50+. So I grabbed 3 shades which is in no 1,2 & 10. Review will be up later for more thoughts on these lippes.

The second product I picked is this cushion compact from Laneige that has been love by many and also recommend by many people. Also influence by Izzah Farihah video. It is the Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control). I picked in the shade #23 Sand Beige. It is priced at RM125 where most of the place I saw sell this for RM170! After I open this package of course I could not help my self to open the products. I also have tried this cushion on the same day and oh God. I think I already in love with this cushion BB. Will review it soon!

Well that's all my haul from Althea Korea! I am very satisfies with the service. It is from Korea, so it does takes time to arrive. But I don't mind about that really. I ordered this during Hari Raya (17 July 2015), and I just got it yesterday. Which means in just 7 days, I already got my order. They promise you that your parcel should be arrive within 10-15 days. So that means, I got mine earlier. Which is good! It will be delivered using TaQbin. In Johor, there is no problem with TaQbin. Alhamdulilah, my package arrive safely and all of my products are in good condition. Your order will be packed inside a cute pink box just like mine shown here. You really need to check out Althea Korea especially if you love Korean beauty products and the advantage is that you be able to buy these at a more reasonable price. Right now they are having a Grand Opening promo. If you spend RM100 and above you will get free shipping. Also if you spend RM150 and above, use this code - ATA150 and get RM20 off some more. Walauweh! What are you aiming to buy at Althea?

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