Ephyra Skin Bar Review

Happy Sunday guys! Today I'll be featuring a Malaysian home grown phenominal skincare brand to you guys. If you follow updates on some Malaysia artist you know that this Ephyra Bar has been love by many. It is a simple yet effective product that you need to check out. It describe as a specially formulated skincare products that promotes your health and of course beauty. The main highlighted ingredient are the deep-sea fish hydrolyzed collagen , that helps to make a more efficient the absorption to your skin. It also has the combination of 8 effective antioxidants to protect and renew, your skin. A little introduction of the company which is Ocean Life Marketing Sdn Bhd. Formed by two enthusiast business driven passion for beauty and wellness. 

So who can use this? Anyone! Men or Women aged above 4 years old. Even breastfeed mom & pregnant mama can use this. No worries. Especially when you have these problem (all symptoms below are info obtain from their official website) :

Dry & Wrinkle Skin
Dull & Sagging Skin
Slow Healing Process
Easily Feel Fatigue
Declining Memory
Body Ache
Poor Joint Flexibility
Low Metabolism
Seafood Allergy
Urine Infection
Menstrual Syndrome / PMS
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure

What I like about this product is that is is easy to use and foam up fast. It lather so nicely on to my skin and does not leave any tight dry feeling after washing. i got to agree on the absorption of product. I fins that when I use my skincare after I cleanse my face using this, it absorb more quickly and my skin feels softer and less oily. This bar retails for only RM39 each. You might need to get ready a dish soap or a small container to store this product.

 Memey Suhaiza is the ambassador for Ephyra Skinbar!

There are many testimonial and success stories using this amazing cleansing bar. You can check it out here or for more info check the links below!

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  1. When I studied in UPM, there was this one chinese guy came up to my friend and I (masa tu ada event yg jual macam2) and he tried to promote ephyra soap. He said he's been using it for many years and it make wonders to his face. But the thing is, we didn't see any "magical thingy" on his face. I told you, he got saggy and wrinkles around his eye area, a bit of pigmentation on his cheeks and his whole face was oily, not glowing! (as I know the difference between these two). He even looked morose. Ok la, fikir positif. Maybe he was tired due to the event.hehe. But his look never seemed convincing to us. Memang xla kitorang rasa nak beli kan.muehehehe :D

    1. haha he must been into a rough day to be positive. hehe.. Sale/Beauty consultant must have the criteria to proof the product right.

  2. You're so right Sab as sale/beauty consultant resembles the product itself. Never mind, fikir positif jela pasal org tu.mihmihmih :D

  3. saya dah pernah cube ephyra skin bar ni..first week memang ok parut pn nampak pudar..kali kedua sya beli tu after pakai start naik jerawat pulak..terus sy stop..xsure either kulit sensitif ke atau baru nampak effect..tapi skrang dah cube mcam2 masih xkurang..lagi brtambah rasenye..mcam nk cube balek ephyra ni tpi takut makin naik 😭😭😭