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What is in your wanderlust bucket list? Well I have plenty of them. Pretty Plenty. Hehe. To tell you the truth I would love to travel to places one day! Some of the place I want to go before I die would be to the spectacular beaches , Bali, Phuket, Maldives. To the city that has been talk by many people, London, Dubai, Amsterdam. But there is one particular country that I would really really love to go and that would be Korea. Oh tell me about it! I am not a K-Pop fan, I don't even know how to speak Korean but I just have this excitement to really wanna see what's up with Korea. Of course, the shopping places, food, cute culture and many more. After browsing though Traveloka, I picked one of my dream destination. Here I would tell you why Korea is my is my dream destination. Gahp Shi Da!

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What else if it is not shopping when it comes to Sabrina. Haha. Of course! The busy streets of Myeong dong that carries lots and lots of Korean beauty brands in just one spot. There are alos more than a beauty stuff shopping where they carries lots of fashion items too. It is the most famous shopping spot in Korea. I really wan to experience buying their beauty products right from where they came from. Also there are more than enough of shopping spot I could dive in there by just a walk away. I heard they will give you lots of free gift when you buy there! Wah!

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I also heard that Korea is a Muslim Friendly country to go. They also have lots of halal restaurant I can go to. Of course! The grilled and the soups! My favorite! As you know I love the BBQ style cook Korean food usually served. That would be awesome. Another spot that I would really want to visit are their cute cafes such as the Hello Kitty Cafe. Sho cute!

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I loveee theme parks. Rides, the colorful attractions, probably cotton candies? Oh my. I heard that Korea have these 2 awesome spot where you can have fun and enjoy exciting activities there. First of all it is the Everland. Sounds exciting already. They have over 40 awesome rides and attraction. A safari world and the theme park is decorated with beautiful flowers just like your ever imagined garden. The second one would be the indoor them park would called the Lotte Theme Park.

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I would not wanna miss this spot especially if I go to Korea with my love one. The Nami Island. Known for its beautiful romantic spot that is also Instagram worthy. haha. I would love to take a stroll down the road, look at the trees and just cherish that little moment away from the bus cities. I wonder if they have bikes for rent. That would be cool. Love <3

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As if I am already there, why not learn the culture of the Korean people. I think that is the best experience we can get when we travel. There, I can go to the Folk Village that is located at Suwon and take a stroll through the streets. From the picture it really reind me of Harvest Moon Back to Nature houses. So cute. I can witness my self the hundred years old houses. Play some traditional games and snacks. Instagram worthy too! haha!

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Well, you can never be afraid to dream a little bit bigger right? I really do hope one day i can pay Korea a visit! Amin! If you have plans already, I think it won't be impossible, especially when there is a help from sites like Traveloka. Here, you can plan your travel easily. Why? You can book your hotels as well as your flight together easily. This post are also my entry to Traveloka Lucky Gateaway. There will be weekly winners but the grand price would be a 500USD voucher that you can spend at Traveloka. How cool is that! You can use the voucher to book flights and hotels. So its kinda like a help to fulfill your dream destination. You can also join this contest! Starts today (27 July 2015 until 23 August 2015).

Here is how :
Go to and pick one of your dream destination.
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Good Luck!!!
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