Colourpop Haul #1

Let just scream! aaah! I'm so excited when I got my parcel, but I have to hold my self from going mad. My order just came in the mail! Yep! It is the most talk about brand right now which is the Colourpop. Know for its super unique highly pigmented eyeshadow, the Super Shock eyeshadow. Colourpop is not available to be shipped to Malaysia but luckily, my dear friend right her offer a pre order service for anyone who wants to get you hand on these lovely lovely product. Thanks to Makeup Niche for fulfilling my wish on getting my hands on these babies! She warped my purchase all in a very thick bubble wrap and of course, hand written note made me so happy and feel special. Thank you <3. So wanna see what I got?

I got my self 6 single Super Shock eyeshadow, Which are Mooning, So Quiche, Hustle, Lala, Sequin, Tea Party, Lovely, Bubbly. As you can see some of them are messed up as it has been a very hot month here in Malaysia and some of the shadow decide to melts. Thankfully for the unique formula Coloupop have, I just pack it back in the pad and it can be use normally. They are good as it is! First impression? Super soft and creamy. Super pigmented! Oh my! Will do an in depth review on these okay?

Also I am beyond speechless when my friend got me the Where The Light Is palette from the Kathleen Lights collection and her lippe stix Lumière as my wedding gift. Oh my oh my. How can I hold my self now. Will do a special post dedicate to this collection in the future. Stay tune! Thank you so much! So what to expect next? Review and whole lot of swatches on these babies of course!

You can get your Colourpop wishlist fullfilled! So if you want to order these Colour Pop products (eyeshadow, blusher, highlighter,s lippie stick and all basically anything in the website) go follow & contact her here :
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