But first, let me take a selfie and win cool prizes

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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡.  Calling out selfie and picture queen out there! Raise your hand! Haha! Dove Malaysia is having a contest where prize are all total worth RM20,00 the best part is 14 GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be selected and 75 CONSOLATION PRIZE WINNER will be selected! Talk about chances that you can win with this easy peasy lemon squeezey contest!

Also in the launch of the new and improve Dove Hair Fall rescue hair care range.This campaign also help to regain women self confident and let you shine within 14 days. Within this 14 days show your love for your self! Show that you are grateful to your self also to the people around you. It looks kinda like a game but I bet within this 14 days it will change your prescriptive and help to boost up your confident level. Dove Malaysia launch an awesome contest where you need to complete a 14 days challenge, where each day you need to upload a picture base on task given. Don't worry, its super easy! How to enter? Go to this link (click me) and register. Fill in your details and you are good to go! So what is the task I need to complete? So after you have register you will receive a task each day. Be sure to come everyday and see what picture you need to upload like below example :

After you have upload it, you will see your picture layout like below for 14 days. Look at mine, that I have done below. Easy right? So what are you waiting for!

Here a sum up detail :
Within 14 days, complete one task each day
Share the love of your completed mission
After 14 days and all task are completed, your picture will be turn into a digital video and show your facebook to increase the chances of winning!

The prizes! 14 winners will win a Instax Share Printer worth RM699 + RM200 + RM100 Dove Hair Fall product hamper . 75 winners will win RM100 worth of Dove Hair Fall product hamper! I am aiming for the grand prize of course! I wanna win this time! So come on join! Jangan cakap susah! Ada usaha ada ganjarannya! Orang rajin selalu beruntung!

And before you even win it you can even get the Dove exclusive towel set if you are the first 300 person who enter!
More info go to : www.facebook.com/DoveMalaysia

Are you entering? Please do!
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