My Top 5 Hair Care Products


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Halo Halo Halooo... As a girl who always wear scarf during the day especially when going out, of course. People might think that we can put less effort of our hair which absolutely a big No. I believe that even we who wear hijab also loves our hair. Some of us still keep their long hair although they know that they are not showing anyone. It is just a girl thing. For me, I am keeping it for my future husband.. alololo.. haha... So here I will show you my ultimate favorites of taking care of my hair. I tried so many shampoo and hair care stuff. Back in the days when I don't wear hijab, I am quite obsessed with my hair. Styling it and stuff. So if you are wearing hijab, these products are probably going to help you. For me the condition of wearing hijab and not wearing hijab is different. Because when we wear hijab we are mode tend to have oilier hair, damage by breakage (hair tie), not exposed to the sun and damp hair cause by sweat. So these products have really solve my problem and really helps on getting my hair healthy.

Starting off with cleansing. I love love love the Safi Shayla Segar Bermaya Shampoo | RM12.70. It really leaves my scalp squeaky clean and fresh. The scent is so refreshing as well as not overpowering. It is affordable and looking pretty in my bathroom. Ok that is just bonus. hehe. Then I use a conditioner, that is the Safi Shayla Penyegar Kulit Kepala | RM7.70. As I told you in my past review, read it here (link), both of these are like the perfect combination. This conditioner is not like other conditioner I have tried. It does not only leave my hair soft but it leaves my scalp so fresh and clean. this is the only conditioner that I dare to massage on my scalp. Because as I told you, to avoid dandruff, you must avoid using conditioner to your scalp. Conditioner are meant for the ends of your hair. But this is like a 2 in 1 product. It soften my hair as well as treating my scalp. If you massage it quite well, you will feel a bit of a cooling sensation to your scalp. 

Next stop, hair mask. I use this sometimes in the week when I have more time. It is the Terbes Hair Treatment Mask | 40.00. It comes in a super big jar than probably gonna last me a year. You can read my full review here (link). I use this on all over my hair and use a shower cap to "preserve" it for about 15 minutes. This leaves my hair soft and smooth. After that I usually will air dry my hair naturally. I don;t usually wear hair dryer because I am preventing it from damage and over heating. 

When it is 80% dry, I like to apply the Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail | RM28.00. It is a hair spraying mist that smells so gooood! I spray it all over my hair and spreading it by combing my hair. I also use this when my hair is dry during the other days, just to give a little fragrance to my hair and moisturize it. Although the fragrance does not really last that long but I still like the concept. Also I love to combine the Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail with another hair treatment that I freaking love, that is the Ma Cherie End Cure Milk | RM39.90. I put this beside my bed because its cute and convenient. Haha. I like to spread this on the ends of my hair overnight and in the morning it will leave my hair super smooth. It smells so divine and just can't get over it. Its so good! So that is basically like my hair care routine as well as the Top 5 favorite hair products! Hope it helps!

What is your favorite Hair Care Product?
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