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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Today I am going to talk about lipstick. If you are an organic product lover, you gotta check out this brand. It is the Organic Skin Co. Features cruelty free products and all products are made from organic ingredients. A brand that also said to be a  certified organic products of the highest quality from New Zealand. The founder of this brand, Megan Douglas that is enthusiast about organic and chemical free products.Then this brand were introduce to Malaysia by Gaia Chinniah. From skincare, makeup for both men and women were offered in their official online store for you to indulge!

The one I got here is their lipsticks that comes in 5 variants to choose from. The shade I got is called Flamingo, describe as bold and assertive, Flamingo’s electric pink is a perfect foil for your creativity and energy. You are confident and outgoing, and you draw others to you like moths to a flame. To my opinion, this shade has a raspberry pink undertone. As on first swatch, it leaves a nice opaque tint color to my lips. the color is build-able and the texture is pretty smooth. It is super moisturizing and does not dry out my lips. There is no overpowering scent. Now I am going to talk about the packaging. How unique is that. I think the tube is made out of real bamboo. It does not describe anywhere for this fact to be confirm. But it looks pretty cool.

When I got the product, it is wrapped beautifully with a tissue paper. Do take a look at their website - for more stuff. I am pretty interested in their cream blush and eye shadow. They look pretty cool!

Name : Organic Skin Co Lipstick in Flamingo
Price : RM84.00
Where To Buy :
Made in : New Zealand
Net Weight : 4.3g
Ingredient Highlights : Organic butter, nutmeg, carnauba wax and other organic ingredients.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

What do you think about the cute packaging?
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  1. It looks nice. I'm trying to use more cruelty free products.

  2. First time I've seen a lipstick (or any makeup product tbh) use wood/bamboo for their packaging! Makes it look really nice and first impression really is 'eco' and 'nature'. :D

  3. the packaging and the shades are pretty!! it is good to know that more cruelty free products are emerging into our market ^_^

  4. The packaging is soo cute, but it's a bit pricey lol... the swatches look great !

  5. i loveeeeee the colour!!! sooo soo sooo muchh!!!