Iris Whitening Mineral Salt Body Scrub Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I just realize that my last post were my 500th post! Wehuu! Ok back to the topic today I am going to review a body scrub! A quick review. This body scrub have gone viral in instashop owners. This body scrub said to give you soft skin, moisturize your skin, contains lots of vitamins to give your supple & healty skin and  safe to be use daily.

First impression when I open up the jar, it smells so so good. The texture of this body scrub is a bit runny but as you can see the particles of the soap can be seen clearly. As I scrub it on my skin, the salt gave me this scrubbing "sensation" LOL. that I find very nice. It does not foams up but it really help remove my dead skin cell on my skin gently. The scent is just mind blowing. I absolutely love the scent of this body scrub. This body scrub also comes in another 2 scent which is tomato and your gut & milk. After scrubbing, rinse it off with water. I continue my shower routine with my usual shower gel to help remove excess salt particles on my skin during scrubbing I just done. It leaves my skin super fresh and soft.Really recommend this as the price is very affordable. If you are interested, do contact the seller I have provide the link below.

Name : Iris Whitening Mineral Salt Body Scrub (Mixed Fruit)
Price : RM18.00
Where To Buy : / Contact 011-21253499 / 012-3405545
Net Weight : 350g
Ingredient Highlights : Mineral Salt
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Do you love Body Scrubbing while showering? hehe
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  1. Wow, can you try to describe the scent? hehe

    1. i am so bad at describing scent. but the scent reminds me of sweet fruits! <3

  2. i love this scrub too! mine yang yourgut & milk. Ya Allah.. the scent very nice.. rasa nak makan pon ada.. hahah.. mix of yourgut, vanilla i guess.. i have body shop africa spa scrub too but i prefer Iris more.. :)

  3. I just use this body scrub a few day ago n my hand feel a little bit softer than beforee...and i like the smell as well

  4. I just place my order for this scrub and can't wait to use it when I read your review :)

  5. The colour is a throw off for me...looks artificial and not natural :/ But its cheap though :D