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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I have some exciting post here. I present to you my first ever DIY video! Celebrating 1 million views in my blog! Thank you again. In the process of making this video, at first I though I was going to do a voice over but it failed. So I just put some info in the video as well as in this post. Hope I will improve more next time as much as I love making DIY videos! You can watch the video here below and the description and more in depth explanation here in this post. It is super easy to do and it is inspire by all the Tumblr room you always see. I paln to paint my room but it takes too much time. So I created this DIY as a solution to cover the patches and cracked paints on my walls as an option I don't have to paint my walls. My room looks magical now! haha. And I love how it turns out. So happy DIY people!

Material you need :
Sheer Curtain
Find a white sheer curtains the one I got is from IKEA. Its easier if you can find the one with holes at the back. It makes it easier to hook on the wire later.

String Lights
I got this from eBay. I could not find this type of lights anywhere here in Malaysia. Most of them are color ful. You might need to get the one in Warm White color. It suits best. I bought in 3 sets and it is about 30 meters long. Perfect for the size I am going here.
The shop that I bought m string lights is here :
If it is already not available just search in String Lights or Christmas Lights in Warm White

Metal Wire
You can find these at most hardware shop. Try to find the one that is benable. I am using this metal wire as a rod to my curtains.

Wall hooks
You can find these also at most hardware stores. Find the one with a good adhesive tape at the back so it last long.

Other tools 
Of course you need some nails, hammer and a measurement tap if you want a specific length to mark your nail points. I might just gonna eye ball it anyways. haha.


Steps :
1st - Mark on the length of the curtains to be hanged.
2nd - Nails down on the ends of your marks.
3rd - Paste the hooks in line (this is for the string lights)
4th - Hang the string lights on to the hook, continue till the end by using all of the string lights. Remember to put the plug on the bottom side.
5th - Now, insert the metal wire in the curtains
6th - The hook it on the nails
7th - Adjust the drape effect
8th - Done!

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  2. Awesome! Cantik Sab :D Tapi memang betul kat Malaysia tak tahu apasal susah sangat nak cari white light ni.

  3. OMG I love your room! So tempted to DIY the curtain lights too but I'm just too lazy :P

    1. aw.. dont be! its ok. kumpul the material first then when you feel like doing it. start doing it. that is how i do. hehe thanks dear!

  4. It's so pretty and romantic to have the curtain lights! Creative, more DIY videos =)
    Btw what do you use to edit video usually?

  5. ikhlas cakap memang cantik =) kak sab mmg ada jiwa seni lah . hehe .

    1. hehe thank you dear, xde la seni sgt.. tgk video2 org terinspire je.. ^_^

  6. Beautiful video editing! I've bee wanting to set up my own YouTube channel for quite some time now and seeing another Malaysian YouTuber just makes me that much more inspired :) Keep up the good work!

    1. thank you so much dear! i also just starting out, still learning! lets make yt videos!

  7. omeyyy nyaaa...ini super cool sab....cun sgt aihhh

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  9. Replies
    1. The bed I got from a local furniture store at Jusco Tebrau City Johor. hehe