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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. First off all I would like to thank every single of you who gave me the encouragement to stay calm and not to stress out. I have been in a pressure lately with my life as well as my blog. I posted up a status because I was a bit week with handling my emotion and I break my promise on always to stay positive. Well sometimes we do have breakdown moments but you guys help lift me up. Thank you for the positive words to keep me string. God bless all of you.

Ok calm down, calm down... I know there is a EXO fan here! Raise your hand everybody! I am not a K-Pop fan but I do heard about this EXO band that has been going around. So I did a little research just now and I find out there is 12 members in the group. Am I right? Hoho. So I got this lip balm from a local instashop that sells tons of Korean beauty product called Happie Bubbles. She gave me this lip balm and to my surprise there is a man inside the jar. I mean a picture of a man. Not a real man. Hok. So I just realize that it is one of the boys from EXO. Pretty cool, I wish I have Tubbie picture inside there. Haha. Just Kidding. So the lip balm I got is in the Honey Lemon flavor. This series comes in 3 different flavors and comes in 12 different design (picture of the EXO members) in it. So I got here is M Chen. I hope I get his name correct.

What I like about it. It is a clear texture jelly that glides smoothly on my lips. Pretty moisturizing and I love how it gives me this natural tint on my lips. As you can see it is a clear jelly looking lip balm but as you swipe it on your lip, it turns natural red. It has Vitamn E in it which I love. Vitamin E give your lip moisture effect. I also love the scent of this lip balm.

What I don't like about it. Maybe if I apply it too much it feels greasy. Overall, that all I think. I pretty much love this lip balm.

Overall & Recommendation. Of course if you are a EXO fan, you got to have this lip balm. Comes in 3 different flavor that you can choose from. It is very moisturizing too and perfect for you if you love natural makeup and just a natural tint of color to your lip.

Name : EXO Nature Republic Flower Tint Lip Balm in M Chen Honey Lemon
Price : RM 27.00
Made in : Korea
Net Weight : 5.7g
Ingredient Highlights : Sweet Almond, Vitamin E
Where To Buy : http://instagram.com/happiebubbles or Contact 010-8970367
**Disclaimer - This product were send to me for product review purposes

Fan Girl scream for EXO maybe?

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  1. *waves hand* EXO fangirl here! :D Actually, despite me being an EXO fangirl, I've never really bought a lot of Nature Republic products. This lip balm looks really cute, but it's not really what I'd buy because it's in a pot. >_< Actually, wait, I would buy it - but just for the Rose scent one. :D

    P/S: From the picture, I don't think it's Chen. Looks more like Tao (EXO-M).

    1. yeay! i knew some of people i know love EXO. Its a pretty famous band right.

      aaa i got it wrong! haha will correct the name then... hehe

  2. wahh exo =) *pengsan tengok* . hehe

  3. I don't really know any Korean artists but I do love lip balms, hahaha!

  4. Replies
    1. sorry.. not a fan of kpop, did not really know as it was told my friend that it was chen haha.