L'Oreal La Creme True Match BB Cream


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I have been wanting to blog about this for so so long. But then I got demotivated because I lost this BB Cream. :( I can't remember where I put it of where is the last time I misplace it. I am pretty sad because I have not yet finish using it and it has been my favorite for such a long time. It is the L'Oreal La Creme True Match BB Cream. I Google on other people review and find that many does not fancy this BB Cream. Some said its oily and some said its disappointing. But I don't know, maybe it depends on each skin types. So far I have been loving this, I have combination skin if you ask. Maybe I just loving the BB Cream concept and this has been one of the best.

This BB Cream has SPF 35 and claims to help your skin moisturize for 24 hours. The first BB Cream that gives me shine free and matte finish. Also to set things first, I always use powder after using this product. It works well with that. I got this last year and have been loving it ever since. The texture of this BB Cream is creamy and it is easy to blend. It can be use with both brush or hand. Both works well. What I love about this BB Cream is that it is true to its color. It leaves my skin without the "grey" effect usually BB Cream will leave me and it corrects my skin tone nicely. It does gives my skin look fairer but after a while it absorbs nicely to my skin leaving my skin looks super natural. It last pretty long too and the best part is, it has a satin matte finish which I find super nice. If I am not mistaken this comes in 3 shades to choose from. Th e packaging is a tube which super awesome because its hygienic and easy to dispense out the product. Price wise, quite affordable, the tube last me pretty long. I recommend this product to you who have free from skin problem, dry skin and combination skin.

Name : L'Oreal La Creme True Match BB Cream
Price : RM49.90
Where To Buy : All participating pharmacies that carries L'Oreal Makeup Products.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) is obtain from a prize I won from a contest.

Any other BB Creams recommendation that gives matte finish like this one I love?
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