MAGICurler Automatic Hair Curling Iron Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy Wednesday. I am still having my Eid holiday right now because I will start my day job starting tomorrow! So here is another review for you and this time is about hair tools! Hey, I also love to play with my hair okay! I got to try this awesome hair tool that I am very foreign about. When I look at it i was like, err.. How do I use this? It is basically a hair curler that does not going to give you muscles. I guarantee you! From my past experience I love to curl my hair using hair straightener. But it was a pretty hard thing to do especially when I try to spin my hand towards the back and stuff just to get that angle. So this hair tool will help you on that case. All you got to do is out you hair in, roll it in (just press button) and let it heat up a bit and release. Tada! A curled hair!
My thoughts. You need practice to this. It is a bit hard at first try and a bit stuck moment sometimes. hehe. Watch their video on how to use it here (click me). So after a few try I get it on how it works. It is actually very easy to use! The tip is the "center" black round thingy on the tool should be facing your face and adjuct the left and right button on the tool as you can see in the picture above. I really love this curler as it really easy to use after I get use to it. It does not cause mess and makes my curl last pretty long. I can also adjust the size of my curl which I find this product is interesting! It is such a must have product that you need if you love to curl your hair everyday! This is such a convenient tool to have.

I recommend you to use a heat protecting spray first on your hair before using this and section your hair first before using it to help you through the process.

Name : MAGICurler Automatic Hair Curling Iron
Price : RM 299.00
Where To Buy :
**Disclaimer - This product were send to me for product review purposes

Also do watch this video! I don't understand what they are talking about but they make me just wanna keep playing with this MagicCurler!

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