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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. As you know I love BB Cream. i think it is one of a must have beauty products. It helps to make your skin better like skincare and it gives you that nice coverage (depends on each brand) for your everyday makeup look. I always use BB Cream when my skin started to have some acne or problems. That is the time when I try not to wear any foundation because I am trying to heal my skin as well as preventing from harsh chemical on to my skin when I have skin problems. So today, I am going to show you 4 BB Creams from ElishaCoy exclusively from Supermodel Secrets Store. The one I am reviewing here is in 15ml tube. They also have in bigger full size package (50ml) that you can buy. Here I am going to give a quick and simple review on each BB Creams so you can see what are the differences.

1. ElishaCoy Always Nuddy BB 24 15ml | RM29.00 
For : Soothing & Moisturizing
The first one is the Always Nuddy BB 24, comes in this nude tone packaging. Among all this is the most natural dewy finish without leaving your skin that 'wearing foundation" look. Less color correcting and does not leave any white cast. The shade of this BB Cream is more darker than the rest of these 3 BB Cream. The texture is creamy and easy to blend. This BB Cream has that typical BB Cream scent. Reminds me of Etude House BB Cream. It is moisturizing and I recommend this to you who really want a very light BB Cream, moisturizing and natural finish. Oh and this does not have sun protection. Made from Organic Botanical ingredients. Get oily faster than the other.
Overall : Super natural, does not leave skin looks grayish, dewy finish.
(Product link : click here)

2. ElishaCoy Premium Gold Mineral BB 15ml | RM35.00
For : Sun protection (SPF45 PA+++), Whitening & Anti-Aging
Among all this is the lightest shade. Comes in a gold tube packaging. Have SPF45++ Sun Protection and has a creamy texture just like the Nuddy BB Cream. I recommend this to you who have fair skintone because this leaves your skin fairer and I think would look weird on darker skin tone. It does leave a big of a white cast/grey undertone to your skin. This has a satin matte finish, and this helps to cover redness nicely.
Overall : Perfect for fair skintone, nice light coverage, covers redness.
(Product link : click here)

3. ElishaCoy Always Triple BB 15ml | RM35.00
For : Sun Protection (SPF30 PA ++), Chemical Action Free, Whitening & Anti Wrinkle
Come in a black tube. This has SPF 35 Sun protection, the texture is creamy just like the other two above. Has a medium skin tone shade. Leave a satin matte finish, a bit dewy and has a light to medium coverage (build-able). It blends and melts into my skintone nicely after a few minutes. A bit of a white cast finish but does not leave your face look that weird. Good for people who have dry skin.
Overall : Great for people who has dry skin, moisturizing, nice coverage and natural.
(Product link : click here)

4. ElishaCoy Diamond Shiny Pearl BB 15ml | RM29.00
For : Sun Protection (SPF27 PA ++) & Jewerly Complex
Comes in the pink tube. Among all this has more of a watery texture. Has the same shade as the Triple BB cream above but if you look closely (as you swatch it), you can see a very fine sparkle/glitter on to your skin from the BB Cream. Which said in the description, "give you that delicate pearl shows shining skin or they call it 3D effect". It blends nicely to my skin just like the Triple BB Cream but if you like that sparkle and glitter effect to your face, this might for you. Or you can use it as a highlighter, dot some on to your finger and blend it on the highest point of your cheeks or nose to give that nice highlighting effect. Gives me light to medium coverage and dewy finish. Remind that this gives a sparkle effect, you might look like Edward during the day.
Overall : Nice coverage, can be use for highlighting, perfect for night makeup, dewy finish.
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