HungryGo Where Celebrates Ramadan @ Talent Lounge

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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone . When Ramadan arrives, a lot of buffet packages and promotions are offered but you just don't know where to go or what to choose. Last week I went to Talent Lounge that was located at Damansara Perdana, on the ground floor of the PJ Trade Center building. As we arrived, we are just amazed by the decor and ambiance of the location. The Talent Lounge was surrounded by modern and nature-inspired decor. Lovely. So here is a quick introduction of HungryGoWhere . HungryGoWhere is a food discovery network that helps you find the best food around. They also have a mobile app that you can download for free on your smartphones. HungryGoWhere is definitely your Kaki Makan! It is such an amazing and convenient app that you must have! Always struggling on, 

"Mana nak makan?"
"What restaurant is nearby?"
"Is it good hah?"
"How the place look like?'
"Weh! Halal ke?"
etc etc etc...

Here is a quick look at how HungryGoWhere works. Discover new places to eat and where to hangout from this app. HungryGoWhere is a search engine that allows you to find out the type of food, pricing, location and other relevant information within your location. It’s an ultimate food guide for kaki makan like me! Sort out from the price rate, type of food, halal food and more. Yep, it is very useful especially for us Muslim. You can just click on the "Show only Halal Food" button and it will sort out only Halal restaurant. Thank you! The other best thing about it is that, you can read reviews and pictures of the venue first. So how helpful is that! You can also submit your reviews and of course, take a picture of your food and upload it in. 

So going back to one of the best place to eat recommend by HungryGoWhere . The Talent Lounge! Talent Lounge is not only an awesome place to dine it but it is also a great place to hold meetings and meet ups. The surrounding balance up between business and fun! They offer ala carte menus and coffee! But now I am going to feature their Ramadan Special Buffet package that is offered right now during this fasting month.

Ta-daa! Here are some of the menus you can find and dine during their Ramadan Special buffet. The event was held one day before 1st Ramadan, so basically this is like the preview and pre Ramadan buffet! Everything is made with love and a special mix up between our own local dishes and some western touches.

The menu that we were served during the day were Roast Beef (my favorite!), Pilaf Rice with Lamb (delicious!), Hummus with Pita Bread (special!),  Ayam Masak Merah & Ikan Masak Lemak (taste reminded me of home cooking <3). There were also desserts such as Brownies, Sago Melaka, Ondeh-Ondeh, and many more! Everything was just so savory and nice! Here is my face showing that how full I am but still want to eat some more. HAHA.

Wanna win Talent Lounge’s Dining Vouchers and Hari Raya Hampers!?
Just Share with HungryGoWhere what is your favorite malay food for Hari
Raya here (link) <---comment here

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